Electric wheelchair with Head Rest DH01107LGC

SKU: SQ1006B


  • Electric wheelchair for short-distance mobility assistance.
  • Robust frame with adjustable components for comfort.
  • Safety features: real-time speed display, intelligent fault warning.
  • Foldable aluminum frame for easy transportation.
  • The energy-efficient motor ensures reliability.
  • Specifications: 100kg loading capacity, 20km theoretical endurance.
  • Max speed <6km/h, brake performance <1.5m.
  • Compact design: folded width 42CM.
  • Customizable seating with adjustable backrest and elevating legs.
  • Entertainment features: FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Powered by a lithium battery (DC24V20Ah*1) with an AC charger.
  • Controller: max output current 50A, running current 2-3A.
  • Dimensions: 115*69*125 cm; Front-wheel: 8″, Rear-wheel: 16″.
  • Net weight: 34 kg; Seat: 46 cm width, 57 cm height, 45 cm depth, backrest height: 46 cm.
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