ECG Machine, Single Channel

SKU: SQ3001

  • ECG Machine is lightweight and compact, ideal for easy portability.
  • It offers three operation modes: automatic, manual, and analysis, providing versatility in use.
  • The machine supports both standard and European lead modes for optimal recording.
  • It includes detection and alarm features for lead-off, paper absence, and low battery.
  • Built-in ECG simulator ensures accurate testing and calibration.
  • Automatic baseline adjustment ensures optimal waveform recording.
  • Equipped with an RS232 port for efficient ECG data transmission.
  • The machine automatically measures and interprets ECG results.
  • ECG waveforms are displayed on the LCD for real-time monitoring.
  • Built-in help function provides troubleshooting assistance and guidance.
  • Clinical information such as patient ID, name, sex, age, height, weight, and hospital name can be input for comprehensive record-keeping.
  • The machine can store up to 15 cases, with the option to extend storage up to 150 cases using an SD card.
  • Saved ECG waveforms can be replayed, printed, or transmitted to a PC for further analysis.
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