This triangular bandage is for creating a triangular sling for  injuries during a time of emergency. The Triangular Bandage comes with 2 safety pins.

It is an essential item needed in any first aid kit to aid in supporting a broken arm or injured foot, knee or head until you can get to proper first aid care.

Triangular Bandage is a 40”x 40”x 56” non-sterile Bandage made of a strong non-woven material. The bandage may be used as a sling, a wound cover or folded as a pad to control bleeding. Bandage is individually wrapped with two safety pins included for securing the corners of the sling.

For the emergency use of creating a triangular sling for arm or other body injuries. A triangular bandage provides you with emergency support of a broken arm, foot, knee or head injury and is an important item in any first aid kit. The triangular shape of the bandage works at providing you with a support for the injured area.