1) Application: Used for the children

2) Type:100ML,150ml bottle size, 60 drops/ml

3) Tube length:150cm

4) Product Structure: air-filter, soft tube, drip chamber, flow regulator, fluid filter, clamp, stop valve and "Y" injection site for adding fluid drug(or with needle)

5) Product Instruction: The products are made by medical polymer materials

6) Sterillized by EO gas, non-toxic, pyrogen free

7) Product Feature:

- The burettes are highly transpatent, clear and accurate in graduation, and this makes  more convenient operation when infusion.

- Flexible, kink resistant and Non-distortion tubes.

- Bottle stopper puncturing device is efficient and sharp. No chip drops.

- Credible and agile flow regulator for better flow rate control.

- Vented with hydrophobic bacteria filtration membrane.