Nuprep skin preparation gel is beneficial for use where motion artifacts can affect readings, and when a reduction of skin impedance would enhance a test result.
Nuprep gel is easy and convenient to use. A flip-top cap lets you dispense the gel with one hand, leaving the other free. The flat top lets you stand the tube on its head within easy reach. Nuprep gel has a consistent texture, so it wont blurt when applied. You can dispense precisely the amount you need.
Nuprep does not contain latex in either the product ingredients or packaging, and was manufactured using latex-free gloves.

Some applications for nuprep gel:

  • Eeg exams
  • Evoked potential procedures
  • Stress tests
  • Halter monitoring
  • Cardiac rehabilitation monitoring
  • Cardiac catheter monitoring
  • Ecg telemetry
  • Sleep tests
  • Audiology tests
       Intraoperative monitoring