This 16 piece dissection kit is made of premium grade stainless steel and it is designed to help students, teachers and professionals in the field make their work or art easier

The dissection kit can be used in any scientific laboratory or for arts and hobby . Fully made of Stainless Steel so that it is easy to clean and sterilize.

Here are the carefully crafted instruments included in the kit:

6.1" Dissecting Knife

5.5" Dissecting Spatula

5.7" Needle Straight Point

5.7" Needle Curved Point

5" Specimen Serrated Forceps

4.5" Micro Forceps

5" 2 x 1 Tooth Tissue Forceps

8 T-pins

5.6" Groove Director

5.4" Scalpel Knife Handle No. 4

5.1" Scalpel Knife Handle No. 3

5" Operating Scissors: Sharp Blunt Straight

5" Mosquito Forceps

4.6" Iris Scissors