Disinfection Tablets

Advantage of Disinfection Tablet:

Chlorine dioxide is being used for a long time for water purification and is effective against a number of pathogens. It reduces also bad smell occurring from ammonia-based products. Chlorine dioxide tablets are a very effective solution to transport them and use them during the traveling season. These tablets are the right choice to use them to disinfectant the utensils, vehicles, furniture during outbreaks of viral or bacterial nature. Chlorine dioxide tablets are very economical solutions to be used in poverty-ridden areas e.g. to fight cholera, Ebola, Influenza, etc. They should be part and parcel of each household and hospital.

Chlorine dioxide disinfection tablet is water-soluble, hence they can add to water simple and wait for 30 minutes, hence they are ready to be used as disinfectant or water is ready for drinking.

Usage of Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Tablet:

Disinfected object Concentration ratio and method of use
Table/ wardrobe/sofa 1 tablet in 1L water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Fruits/vegetables/cutlery 1 tablet in 500ml water, soak for 10 minutes to wash down
Refrigerator 1 tablet in 2l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Clothing/Textiles 1tablet in 5L water, soak for 5 minutes to wash down
Disinfection of indoor air 1 tablet in 500ml-1L water,spray
Pet supplies 1 tablet in 8L water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Floor 1 tablet in 500ml water, spray or mop the floor
Surface of common objects 1 tablet in 1L water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Bathtub/swimming pool 1 tablet in every 300L water
Tap water/well water 1 tablet in every 200L water
Aquaculture/Fishtank 1 tablet in every 1000L(1ton) water