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  • Health involves many things, one of which is a strong back. If you sit upright in a chair like a pine tree for a long time, to write papers all night, or finish your work by the deadline, your back muscles may become stiff and tense. Proper back support may improve it. Our office chair cushion will support and disperse the pressure from your back, relieve your muscle tension. So you can focus on what you want to do.
  • When we sit on the chair, there is a large gap between the chair and your back, especial for those lower open back chair. Our chair cushion features thick bottom, filling the gap, which is specially designed for this lower open back chair, so that your lower back was supported. Besides, the adjustable strap relatively fix our lumbar pillow to the chair.
  • Most other memory foam lumbar support made of cheap memory foam feel like a brick in cold weather, which is uncomfortable and do harm to our back. Made of premium memory foam material, our desk chair cushion features comfortable and never get flatten and get harden even in cold winter, which brings you lasting comfort and support.