REDUCES PAIN: Perfect for Post-Surgical Recovery. Assists in the relief and treatment of lower back pain, numbness, and pressure soreness Sitting for a long time causes back pains those pains causes back diseases. reduces discomfort due to hemorrhoids, sciatic pain, coccyx injury & past childbirth 


  • Chairs are not made according to every person body posture to make your existing chair more comfortable this ring will help you to maintain correct body posture and avoid back pains you will start loving this air cushion.


  • PREMIUM COMFORT: Adjustable comfort: SOFT, MEDIUM & FIRM! Donut cushion is made of high quality cushioning cover while resisting punctures and leaks.


  • ODOR FREE & HYGIENIC: Non-toxic smell. Machine washable.


  • MULTI-FUNCTIONS: Superior comfort for a chair, car seat, plane or wheelchair. Perfect for yoga pillow as well.PORTABLE AND EASILY INFLATABLE :While competetion cushion's are strenuous to Inflate, our Donut Cushion is easy to Inflate manually by Mouth or with the provided Air Pump